EastWave at Canberra review: Site layout and best units

EastWave at Canberra is made up of six blocks containing 714 four and five room standard flats. Those blocks range from 13 to 15 floors high. Within the development lies a small commercial area with shops, an eating house and a supermarket. On first glance, it looks as if the 5-room flats gets some pretty decent views. Let’s take a closer look.

Site layout

Though marketed as some sort of water-themed living, in reality, the only ‘water’ to be found is the canal along the north-western edge of EastWave. Not exactly My Waterway at Punggol for sure. But it does have its plus points – for starters, it’s about 30m wide, so units facing the longkang (or drainage reserve as HDB puts it) should get some additional privacy from the nosy neighbours opposite.

EastWave sits on a long rectangular plot that is diagonal from the ideal north-south orientation, so do take note. Some units will have to contend with direct noon sun.

Across the lower north-western side of EastWave is a site reserved for a school and a park, hunters should focus on units facing that direction. Apart from those two plots, EastWave is surrounded by high-rise residential units, not the best.

The shopping and eating area is found right next to the MSCP on the southern tip of the plot. You should aim for units overlooking the MSCP for better privacy. It’s about 250m from those units to the high-rise developments in the south across Canberra Way.

Zooming in

Blue = 5-rm, yellow= 4-rm

Best 5-room units
Unit stacks 329 and 331 get our vote. Those two face the park and they are north facing (so no hot noon sun). Those facing the school are pretty good too, but they face almost directly west.

Best 4-room units
Those facing the school are good, again take note the hot noon sun. Those facing the MSCP are even better. Among these unit stack 337 gets our top pick here. It is the only one that faces south (so no noon sun), there is nothing to block its view (unlike 339) and it faces the MSCP, so there is additional privacy. Make sure you get units higher than 7 floors of course.

Should I go for this?
EastWave isn’t too bad. If the MRT station gets built (a BIG if), then EastWave will be closest to the train line that the other BTOs. When that happens, think about how much more your flat will be worth! Better petition your MP when you move in!

Images and info via HDB.

Source H88.com.sg

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