Oleander Breeze at Yishun BTO review

Yishun has seen few BTOs of late, so the launch of Oleander Breeze at Yishun is very timely for young couples looking to settle in the Yishun/Sembawang area. This BTO is located north of the very beautiful Lower Seletar Reservoir and the Orchid Country Club. Views of the reservoir could be a possibility in some of the 688 units here. These units come in the shapes of 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard flats in six blocks ranging from 8 to 13 floors high.


This BTO is found east of Khatib MRT about 1km away; it’s about one or two feeder bus-stops from the MRT to Oleander Breeze.

There are already plans afoot to remake Yishun significantly. The bus interchange and MRT will become integrated like what you see in Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh and Woodlands. The North-South Expressway near Sembawang Road will bring residents a faster way of accessing the CBD too. Good potential for growth.

The environment south of Oleander Breeze facing the reservoir is green and serene, a wonderful place for evening or morning runs.

Site Layout

There are two blocks reserved here for rental flats, those are found facing the MSCP. Some of the blocks facing the reservoir are staggered which presumably allows high-floor units behind a view of the reservoir, but we find that’s not the case. Looking at the map, only 495 & 493, 501 & 503 are 8-storeys high (look for them close to the entrance of the MSCP). The only units that benefit from the lower height are those in stack 407. The rental units actually benefit more but sadly, these are not available for balloting.

North of Oleander Breeze is land slated for high-rise homes and a site reserved for park and school. East and West we find more land planned for high-rise development.

The land south of the BTO across Yishun Ave 1 is also planned for residential development, but the good news is that the plot ratio for the site is a much lower 1.4 versus the BTO’s 2.8. It is likely that based on the ratio, the potential height of whatever that’ll be built over there could be around 6 or 7 floors high. Look for the condos (Miltonia Residences and The Shaughnessy) up the street facing the reservoir for reference. They also have a plot ratio of 1.4.

Disclaimer here, this is simply our educated guess, so don’t go chasing after us if your view gets blocked eventually. We do suggest getting as high a floor as possible to minimize the risk of having the beautiful reservoir view and golf course view blocked. But no guarantees.

There are no in-built supermarkets or shops here, so you have to take a feeder bus to get to the town centre in Khatib. That’s the really dumb thing about all these new estates, wonder whose brilliant idea it was to centralise all the shops in town to one location. That’s why all the old estates were so popular – eating houses, shops, clinics and so on were all within a short walking distance. What happened to the ubiquitous mama shops where one could buy essentials like shampoo, bread, newspapers, etc.?

HDB if you’re listening, why not have a new policy to include at least one or two convenience shops within each BTO, located within the MSCP for example. Fancy integrated malls-transport hubs are nice, gets lots of publicity and generate lots of revenue, but they’re expensive, energy wasting, crowded, lack community-spirit and hard to get to if you are living some distance away. If you want to ‘remake’ the heartland, set these grand plans aside and just bring back the mama shops or the mini-marts.

That said, all is not lost. For your information, there are some shops to the north-east along Street 51 in the upcoming BTO Acacia Breeze. It’s about 200m away, not exactly near, but what choice do you have?

Zooming in

Blue = 5-room, Yellow = 4-room, Pink = 3-room

Best 5-room units
The units with the best views belong to the pair 461 and 463 facing the country club entrance. Get as high a unit as possible to minimize the noise coming from the road junction below. The next best would be 471 and 469. Again get as high as you can to avoid your unit being blocked by the upcoming residential blocks to the south.

High floor units in 407 facing the precinct pavillion and the lower 8-storey blocks mentioned earlier will get some good unblocked views too.

If those are taken, then go for units in 439 & 441 and 427 & 429 which face the park and the school. They will get some road noise though, so try to get as high a unit as possible.

Overall if you’re looking to get a 5-room unit here, you have a good range of unit locations to choose from.

Best 4-room units
High floor units facing the reservoir must be your priority and hopefully your unit will be higher than the ones across the street so that you’ll get a view of Lower Seletar. But should those be taken and you are left with mid-floor ones, why not go with something known and get units facing the park. 443 and 425 are good, plus they face north, meaning no hot west sun.

Avoid 477, 459 and 431 they are much too close to the facing units in Blk 511C.

Best 3-room units
Again, aim for as high a floor as possible units that face the reservoir to ensure your unit will be higher than the residential development across the street.


4-rooms start at $264,000 and 5-rooms begin at $331,000. By comparison, Acacia Breeze BTO further up launched in late November 2011 had 4-rooms beginning from $234,000 and 5-rooms $277,000. So in the space of slightly over a year prices have increased by 12.8% for 4-rooms and 5-rooms 19.4%. A bit steep eh?

Should I go for this?
If you’re living in this part of Singapore, we think it’s decent thanks to the potential views. It’s a quiet place too, just slightly out of the way if you don’t have private transport. Location to Lower Seletar is a plus for nature lovers. The price is okay too. Yishun has got good potential – new expressway, a new town centre and it’s close to the Seletar Aerospace Hub. We’d prefer this BTO over the one in Choa Chu Kang.

Image and info via HDB.

Source h88.com.sg 


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