Kebun Baru Court BTO review

Ang Mo Kio is a huge estate. It spans from Upper Thomson Road in the west all the way to Serangoon North in the east. Kebun Baru Court is found on the western fringes of Ang Mo Kio town, close to the Thomson area, not the best spot to be in AMK for sure. Still, there are many positives for this BTO containing only 4- and 5-room Standard flats in two blocks 26 and 28 floors high. It’s a small BTO too, with only 283 units here.


This part of Ang Mo Kio is definitely not congested like the town centre. In fact, the area is very green and peaceful. Bishan Park is a short walk down south. If you head west for about 10 minutes, you’ll end up at the untouched wilderness of Lower Peirce Reservoir, across Upper Thomson Road.

As mentioned, Ang Mo Kio MRT and town centre is nowhere near. But fret not, there are shops, an eating house and a supermarket planned for Kebun Baru Court. And let’s not forget that the upcoming MRT station Mayflower will be within walking distance too. Good eh?

The closest neighbourhood mall is found 500m away to the east – Kebun Baru Mall – there you’ll find shops, a market and two food centres. Win! That’s why Singaporeans are willing to pay top dollar to live in a mature estate.

Do also note that the North-South Expressway will be built along Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, so by 2020 residents of Ang Mo Kio will get two major expressways linking them to the city – NSE and CTE.

One more thing. A few weeks back the Govt announced a new line called the Cross Island Line. Details are still vague but the line does go across Sin Ming and Ang Mo Kio. That could mean, and we are taking a big big guess here, that either Mayflower or Sin Ming MRT station could end up being an interchange for the Cross Island Line. Worth thinking about eh?

Site Layout

This is a really really small BTO with only two blocks and a MSCP. The commercial areas can be found facing Street 21 in the MSCP itself. All around this BTO are high rise residential except for the south – where a school will be built, and the east – where you’ll find Mayflower Secondary School.

Right now, where the school is planned are existing HDB blocks. According to the URA Masterplan 2008, these blocks will make way for the school. The best part is that units facing the school will get a great view of Bishan Park.

Blk 253 to the north looks like they are 12-floors high (counting from Google Street View) so try to go for units above this block to ensure an unblocked view of the north.

As for the empty land to the west, the plot ratio is 3.5, same as this BTO, so expect your views here to be blocked when the high-rise developments get built.

Unit Layouts

Not the usual layouts. Note the special windows on the side of the master bedroom.

Best 5-room units
For best unblocked views – the ones facing the school (157 and 151). Get as high floor as possible.

The next best would be 141 facing the MSCP.

Note that the 5-rooms here are quite special as the Master Bedroom has wraparound windows and an extra window on one wall. Quite surprising we have to say as these special features are usually given to Premium flats.

Best 4-room units
Do also note that there are two unit layouts for 4-rooms here. One is the standard layout while the other has windows on two sides of both the Master Bedroom and the second Bedroom wall. More windows will make your room seem bigger and brighter. Only two unit stacks here get this special layout – 159 and 149.

That said, we prefer 153 and 155 facing the school. Get high floor units to minimize noise from the school and to maximise your views of the park. What’s more, neither of these two get any hot noon sun.


Understandably, thanks to its location, this BTO is not cheap. $380,000 for the cheapest 4-room unit and $482,000 for the 5-room. Teck Ghee Parkview – found on the other side of Ang Mo Kio near the CTE – had 4-rooms going for $398,000 while 5-rooms began from $498,000. Teck Ghee Parkview has the advantage of a neighbourhood mall right downstairs hence the difference in price. But we think between the two, Kebun Baru is better due to the upcoming MRT and the quieter environment.

Should I go for this?
If you can afford it, we say go! This place has got its own supermarket and eating house, it’s got special units with extra windows, it’s near Bishan Park and Upper Thomson Road, it’s in a quiet area and it’s got an upcoming MRT too. We like it very much.

Images and info via HDB.



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